Planning a wedding or a big celebration can be a bit daunting – and picking the right things that go with each one can be overwhelming. In picking the right wine for weddings and celebrations, Manila Premiere Wines is here to help.

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Wine for All the Special Moments

Manila Premiere Wines’ largest selection of wines allows you to pick the best wine to complement your menu.

We offer exceptional wine experience right from wine selection up until the end of customer service delivery. Our wines will surely make you remember all the best moments from your big day.


Global Selection

We have carefully selected and curated the finest wines for you. This is your day and you get to decide what you want – with all the options laid out in front of you.

Tailor-made Wine Offering

Manila Premiere Wines wants to focus on YOU – your taste, style, and preference. We can help you pick the best wines suited for your menu, offering new ones or sticking to your old-time favorites – the preference is entirely yours!

Value for Money

We offer the finest selection of wines – with the best prices. As one of the largest wine distributors in the Philippines, we have the flexibility to give you the most suitable wines you need, best suited within your budget.


This is YOUR big day, and we want to focus on YOU – your tastes, your style, your preferences. Our personalized curation of wines allows you to choose from only the best.

You get to experience and share this day with the people close to you so you must share it with only the best wine.

Whether it’s your wedding day, a birthday party, a reunion, or a gathering, it’s not going to hurt to go and celebrate it with style – with wine. We’re here to help you and your guests learn more about wine, discover what type of drinkers they are, explore their preferences, get curated selection based on their palate, and ultimately enjoy it.

Manila Premiere Wines meticulously handpicks and curates each wine listing from across an extensive range from across the globe, across all price ranges, making sure we have enough choices for everyone.

Learn more about Manila Premiere Wines today and get the best wines for your next big celebration.